Guide to Anodizing & Anodization

Guide to Anodizing & Anodization

In this overview, DEK will offer the metal finishing method anodizing with definition, kinds, application, and advantages.

What is Anodizing & Anodization?

What is Anodizing & Anodization?

Plating (Anodising, Anodization) is an electrolytic passivation procedure of forming a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the exterior of aluminum CNC machined parts to increase the density of the natural oxide layer and safeguard the metal, as the layer has greater corrosion and abrasion resistance than aluminum. The metal part to be treated as the anode electrode. The oxide layer can be dyed in a variety of colours, so it’s commonly made use of as an ornamental finishing. Aside from aluminum, nonferrous metals like magnesium and titanium can likewise be anodized.

Anodization Kinds

  • Chromic acid anodizing
  • Sulfuric Acid Anodize
  • Hard-Anodized
  • Titanium Anodized
  • Phosphoric acid anodizing

Anodization Applications

Common application areas and products of anodizing finishing:

  • Building industry: structures, household and business building exteriors and products.
  • House appliances and furnishings: tvs, refrigerators, microwave devices, and so on.
  • Automotive industry: auto and also motorcycle elements, like trim components, wheel covers, control board, etc.
  • Aerospace & aeroplane: exterior panels and also other components.
  • Food market: display cases, pans, coolers, grills, etc.
  • Electronic products.
  • Sporting products, completing accessories.
  • Various other applications: tables, beds, clocks, fire extinguishers, telephones, etc.

Benefits of Anodization/Anodizing

  • Enhance properties. The corrosion, as well as abrasion resistance of metal components, are improved.
  • Long-lasting. As the plated surface is permeable, it’s simple to absorb and retain the colour.
  • High strength. The plated aluminum components are harder than non-treated aluminum.
  • Wear resistance. The anodizing boosts the thickness of the protective film, making the metal much more wear-resistant and also durable.
  • Good looking appearance. Black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, various colours can be picked to obtain the desired appearance.

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