Guide to Cam Lock

Guide to Cam Lock

Cam lock is available in a variety of setups which impact the protection and installation. This write-up covers cam lock kinds as well as the application of various classes, detailing the basic specifications of the cam and usual mounting hole sizes.

Cam Lock Types & Applications

Cam locks are a kind of lock including a cylindrical securing system and also generally mounted on cabinets in the house, college, office, as well as hospitals to supply security protection for individual items and documents. What types of cam locks are used as well as where do they use them? Figure out one of the most suitable ones for your cam lock applications.

  • CombinationCam Locks: commonly used in the modern-day family, no secrets are needed, you can establish the password you desire, the mix can be conveniently changed and also there are countless possibilities, a wonderful remedy for a range of applications such as lockers, mailboxes, to replace Motor Home compartment door locks, drawers, and closet doors, anywhere sharing as well as managing secrets among numerous people is a headache.
  • Digital Cam Locks: a securing gadget operated by means of electrical existing, does not need any type of outdoors electrical wiring, all power is supplied by the trick, made for both outside and indoor usage, allows gain access to via an RFID card or digital password, usually supply higher safety and security, some digital locks can be remotely kept an eye on and also managed, and utilized as company tools.
  • European Style Cam Locks: round secrets with angled cuts make it hard to tear the lock open, European style webcam lock with a metal collar ring can stop attacks on your lock via wrenching or prying, additionally stand up to severe weather. The high safety and security keyway is distinct and also challenging to duplicate, can be made an application for furnishings, electronic devices rooms, commercial equipment, medical cupboards, recreation automobiles, transport, and replacement for any kind of present webcam lock building.
  • High-Security Pagoda Cam Locks: provides leading security, pick evidence, the lock barrel installed with 2 solidified steel anti-drill pint to prevent drill effort, perfect for cabinets, toolboxes, mailboxes, and also more applications in retail, medical care, or academic sectors.
  • Tubular Design Cam Locks: the tubular cam locks outfitted with rounded tricks, which drives the rotation when the key insert into the hole as well as match the interior pin, this kind of cam locks provides higher safety than a flat disc one, suitable for applications consisting of furnishings, electronic devices units, A/C, Selling POS, etc.
  • Flat Disc TumblerGlass Cam Locks: inexpensive options, the safety degree is medium. The principle of unlocking is to line up the put secret with the disc. Suitable for a mix of areas like incurable equipment, metal/wooden closet, payphone, ATM, vending device, postal box, mailbox, AD showcase, coin-op, automobile, etc.
  • Padlockable Cam Locks: with an interface ahead as well as can be safeguarded by any padlock. Padlockable Cam lock is easy to mount and make use of but is available in an ingenious security service for gym lockers, cupboards, cabinets, doors, equipment, and also institution applications.

The Specifications of Cam Lock Construction & Cam

A complete cam lock collection may consist of a fixed cylindrical tube section, standard-sized cam, cam screw, secrets, cylinder nut, quit cam as well as other parts. Cam lock parts of tailored specifications can be machined at DEK– a specialist lock cylindrical tube producer that provides miraculous safety and exceptional quality.

The Specifications of Cam Lock Construction & Cam

Cam kinds

  • 0: No Cam
  • SU: Straight Cam Upward position
  • SD: Straight Camera Downward setting
  • OUF: Offset Cam Up-Forward position
  • OUB: Offset Cam Up-Backward position
  • ODF: Offset Camera Down-Forward setting
  • ODB: Offset Cam Down-Backward position
  • HUL: Hook Cam Upward placement Left
  • HDL: Hook Cam Downward placement Left
  • HUR: Hook Cam Upward Setting
  • HDR: Hook Cam Downward Position Right
  • LU: L Cam Upward Position
  • LD: L Cam Downward Setting
  • IV: Short Cam

Cam sizes

All cam kinds have been available in their own standard sizes.

  • Cam Size A: No Size, 3/4 ″ (19mm), 7/8 ″ (22mm), 1 ″ (25.4 mm), 1-1/8 ″ (28.57 mm), 1-1/4 ″ (31.75 mm), 1-3/8 ″ (34.92 mm), 1-1/2 ″ (38.1 mm), 1-3/4 ″ (44.45 mm), 2 ″ (50.8 mm), 2-1/2 ″ (63.5 mm), 3 ″ (76.2 mm).
  • Cam Size B: No Size, 3/4 ″ (19mm), 7/8 ″ (22mm), 1 ″ (25.4 mm), 1-1/8 ″ (28.57 mm), 1-1/4 ″ (31.75 mm), 1-3/8 ″ (34.92 mm), 1-1/2 ″ (38.1 mm), 1-3/4 ″ (44.45 mm), 2 ″ (50.8 mm), 2-1/2 ″ (63.5 mm), 3 ″ (76.2 mm).

Cam Mounting Hole Dimension

  • One of the most mounting hole dimensions for ESP, Ft, and also LSDA style cam locks is approx. 0.343 -> 0.348 (~ 11/32) inches.
  • CCL Safety cam with square eliminated: approx.315- >.320 inches. Some of CCL imported series cam locks may make use of various dimensions.
  • Compx National, common flat crucial cam locks with a square eliminated: approx 0.280 or 9/32 ″.


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