Guide to Choose Right CNC Machining Material for Medical Parts

Guide to Choose Right CNC Machining Material for Medical Parts

The spread of COVID-19, even more, boosted development in demand for clinical equipment. For developers and manufacturers of clinical devices, the material option is necessary to validate the product usability as well as quality, picking the appropriate CNC machining material for medical components and equipment to fulfil the requirements and criteria can bring maximum economic situation and integrity.

Intro to Medical Devices and Instruments

The medical equipment can be divided right into 2 kinds: disposables (bandages, gloves, blood bags, colostomy bags, catheters, syringes) and also nondisposable (analysis equipment, surgical and also dental instruments, prostheses, implants). They have different needs for the medical equipment material. The products made use of to make surgical instruments need to be fit and also long-lasting in a particular atmosphere. DEK is qualified to produce a wide range of customized or details medical machined parts used in diverse frameworks with clinical CNC machining.

Usual different sorts of medical devices

  • Treatment/Therapeutic Tools: InfusionPumps, Surgical Machines, Medical Lasers, Artificial Joints, and so on
  • Diagnostic Tools: Medical imaging machines, stethoscopes, dopplers, and also pulse oximetry
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME): Manual or electric wheelchairs, healthcare facility beds, pedestrians, props, walking sticks, Grip Devices, Stress cushions, Nebulizers, Individual Lifts, Stationary or mobile oxygen tanks, Oxygen Concentrators Ventilators, etc.
  • Life Support Devices: Heart-lung Makers, Medical Ventilators, Dialysis Maker, etc.
  • Dimension Equipment: MRI, X-ray, ICU device, and so on
  • Clinical Research laboratory Tools: different kinds of analyzers.

Kinds of Material for Medical Component and Device Manufacturing

Kinds of Material for Medical Component and Device Manufacturing

The typical CNC machining materials like stainless steel is a primary material for clinical components as its high strength, great corrosion resistance and affordable. Despite the fact that titanium is hard to the procedure, it’s a preferred product for various medical applications, like joint replacements, heart shutoff housings, and also medical tools, which provide excellent longevity, rust resistance, and also biocompatibility. On the other hand, the material and also plastic material likewise in huge demand for some clinical products machining as their lightweight and also unique properties.

  • Metals: titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, new alloys, and so on
  • Plastics: thermoplastics, PEEK, Teflon, PVC, PC, Nylon, etc.
  • Ceramics: concrete, clay, and also glass, aluminium oxide, zirconium dioxide, etc.
  • Composites: a mix of two or more materials
  • Rubber
  • Biomaterials

Choosing the Right CNC Machining Product for Medical Parts and Instruments

CNC machining services takes the advantage of speed, precision as well as flexibility to come to be a normal manufacturing approach for the medical market, which materials should choose for medical as well as oral instruments? To pick the very best material for CNC medical parts and also tools ought to take into consideration the lots, stresses, influence as well as temperature level the item requires to stand up to, and also the component measurements, dimensions, weight and other variables. As an example, the materials for making implants should fulfil the demands of strict biocompatibility and also sanitation.

Best Materials for Different Medical Tools CNC Machining

  • Implants (Hip, Spine, Knee implants): Titanium alloys (Ti6Al4V), Cobalt-chrome alloys (CoCr28Mo6), Stainless steel, PEEK (Polyether ether ketone), polyethene, polyurethane-coated silicone, and so on.
  • Surgical instruments: Ti Alloy (Ti6Al4V), SUS Alloy (SUS630, SUS420J2, SUS440C), Al Alloy (A 2000 series, A 6000 collection), Resin (GFRP, CFRP, PEEK).
  • Artificial Joint: Cobalt-Chromium Alloy, Ti Alloy (Ti6Al4V, Ti-15Mo-5Zr-3Al, Ti-6Al-2Nb-1Ta-0.8 Mo), Material (UHMWPE), Ceramics (Zirconia, Alumina).
  • Trauma: Ti Alloy (Ti6Al4V), SUS Alloy (SUS316L, SUS317L), Material (PEEK).
  • Dental: Ti Alloy (Ti6Al4V), Pure Ti, Co-Cr-Mo, Material (PMMA, Special carbon fibre), Ceramics (Zirconia, Alumina).
  • Orthopedic and also cardiovascular: PEEK and ultra-high molecular weight polyethene (UHMWPE).
  • Screws, catheter supports, and needle cannula: Stainless steel.
  • Pre-sterilized single-use device: PVC.
  • Surgical face mask: non-woven material (Polypropylene or PP).
  • Sensors: piezoelectric ceramics.

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