Guide to Cam Lock Standard Lengths & Sizes

Guide to Cam Lock Standard Lengths & Sizes

DEK is a professional lock cylindrical tube machining company supplying OEM CNC machined components of the lock with common or custom requirements. Here we’ll outline the cam lock sizes and just how to determine them.

What is a Cam Lock?

Cam lock is a type of generally made use of locks for safeguarding doors, lockers, safety boxes, windows, cupboards, cabinets, data closets, and various other applications, typically applied for the documents closets and also work desk cabinets in offices, to safeguard your personal info as well as essential files. The cam of the lock is a metal plate, which is affixed to the core of the securing device and rotates as the secret is put as well as turned, in between 90 to 180 levels.

Criterion Webcam Lock Size & Dimensions

The standard sizes for webcam locks are consisting of 5/8 ″, 7/8 ″, 1-1/8 ″, and 1-3/8 ″.
5/8 Inch Locks: L= 5/8 inch, fits door density up to 3/8″
7/8 Inch Locks: L= 7/8 inch, fits door thickness approximately 5/8″
1 1/8 Inch Locks: L= 1 1/8 inch, fits door thickness approximately 7/8″
1 3/8 Inch Locks: L= 1 3/8 inch, fits door thickness as much as 1 1/8″

Methods to Measure Cam Lock Cyndrical Tube Size

When you are going to replace a present web cam lock or install a new door lock, you need to remove the old one to measure the dimensions and make the standard door dimensions. The length of a lock cylinder can be gauged by the threads correctly, the size is determined by the 2 flat places.

The length of a cam lock is measured from the center of the hole throughout of the cam, begin behind the camera head and step together with the cylinder to the inside face of the cam. Many cam locks have strings that go all the way to the cam which implies the difference between the material thickness as well as the size of the cylinder is usually 1/4 ″, the 1/4 ″ distance is required for the cylinder nut to tighten.

Much More Standard Lock Dimensions

  • Lock bore: describes the diameter of the hole on the door for mounting the lock body. The basic birthed for most of the present locks is 2-1/8″. If you intend to change it with locks that have smaller-sized diameter openings, re-drill the door or search for a custom lock cylindrical tube producer to make ideal locks.
  • Lock spacing: the range between the upper as well as a reduced lock on the door, measured in the size of two centers of the holes. When an uninteresting deadbolt secures a door, there are 2 usual requirements for spacing between the bottom lock and the deadbolt, they are 5-1/2″ and 6″ from the centers of the two holes. There are other combinations of lock spacing for specialized locks.
  • Backset: the range from the side of the door to the center of the lock birthed. Standard backsets are 2-3/8″ as well as 2-3/4″. Various other choices consist of 2″ and also 5″. When replacing locks, the latch backset needs to match the holes bored in the door.

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