UNF Threads VS UNC Threads, What is the difference

UNF Threads VS UNC Threads, What is the difference?

Threading is a vital manufacturing strategy for fasteners, there are several sorts of screw threads made by CNC machining. Below we’ll present two typical threads with various pitch: UNF threads and also UNC threads, what are the applications as well as distinctions between UNF and UNC thread.

What are UNF Threads and also UNC Threads?

UNF and also UNC are 2 symbols of the Unified Screw Thread Series, which defined based upon the number of threads per inch and also standardized with gauge. UNF threads are Unified fine-pitch threads, while UNC threads are Unified coarse pitch threads. UNF and UNC thread screws are both made use of for securing, but generally used in different areas. the rugged thread has greater toughness and also find a thread is better for sealing.

Distinction Between UNF and UNC Thread

The preloads of UNF as well as UNC threads are close when it is used as fasteners. The result of preventing loosing of great thread is much better than that of coarse thread. When it is used for modification, the fine thread has more benefits. The extra distinction between the UNF thread and also UNC thread are as following:

  • The UNF threads have a smaller helix angle and also much better tightness, as well as it is much more conducive to the self-locking of the thread For that reason, it’s not that very easy to loosen up compared to UNC threads. It is normally used for thin-walled parts as well as parts with higher anti-resonance demands.
  • The UNF threads have a smaller sized pitch, there are a lot more teeth that are screwed in the same thread size, it can reduce liquid leak, so it is used in the applications where sealing is required.
  • The UNC thread has fewer teeth of the exact same length, a bigger cross-section dimension of each tooth, and also more suitable for birthing bigger tensile force as well as influence pressure.
  • Compared to great screw thread, coarse screw thread has greater stamina and excellent interchangeability.
  • UNC threading has additionally higher tolerances, much better deals with the production and also plating than UNF threading.
  • Because of the differing qualities, Unified crude screw thread as well as locate screw thread have different usages.

Application of UNC (Unified coarse) thread

Crude thread collection (M/UNC/UNRC) is typically made use of for automation of threaded fasteners, such as bolts, screws, nuts, and so on. It has one-of-a-kind advantages in some harsh procedure applications that call for fast assembly or disassembly and also are easy to create corrosion and also damages.

Application of UNF(Unified Fine) thread

The UNF thread has a smaller pitch than the UNC thread with the very same nominal spec, greater thread strength, smaller sized room professional size as well as much better self-locking performance. Fine thread collection (MF/UNF/UNRF) is typically not used for huge tension job, its general uses are applications need high fastener stamina. In addition, the fine thread can be used for fine adjustment.

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