Guide to Lathe Cutting Tools

Guide to Lathe Cutting Tools

Lots of works can be done on turret equipment if you have a lathe toolkit featuring a collection of lathe cutting tools. To get even more take advantage of the machine, you need to figure out the various types of lathe cutting tools for finishing different procedures.

Lathe Machine and Operations

Lathe or CNC lathe is equipment usually utilized to generate turned parts, forming various materials right into preferred shapes. In the CNC turning process, the lathe cutting tool is fed to the rotary work surface that is held in a chuck and eliminates excess materials from the block.

Various Sorts Of Lathe cutting Tools

There is a wide variety of lathe tools that can be identified according to products, purposes, and structures or usages.

Classification by Use

  • Boring Bar: A monotonous bar is required when you intend to make an existing opening bigger, a dull bar can easily be birthed right into the hole that is currently drilled, and also widen its size. It can expand the hole swiftly and also refine it in the appropriate size to fit other elements properly.
  • Turning Tool: Turning tools are made for getting rid of the products from the stock, a harsh turning device is made use of to eliminate the optimum amount of product, as well as the completing turning tool, is served permanently surface high quality, simply remove a percentage, to make the item more precise.
  • Knurling Device: Knurling devices are made use of to create knurled lathe parts, via developing or pressing a pattern onto a rounded section, made use of as a grip for a deal with, likewise generally developed on fasteners like nuts. A knurling device is developed with a detailed pattern.
  • Chamfering Device: Chamfer is a transitional edge in between two faces of an item, likewise specified as a kind of the bevel. The chamfering device is made use of to create a bevel or wrinkle on the part. A chamfer can be utilized to smooth harmful or sharp edges on a work surface.
  • Parting Tool: A parting tool describes a narrow-bladed tool utilized in planning or turning or for cutting a piece in two, or defined as a device made use of for cutting off items from the main body of stock being machined, it is made in several types.
  • Thread Cutting Tool: Thread cutting devices are used to reduce a thread on the lathe part. In exterior thread cutting, the piece can be kept in a chuck or placed in between 2 facilities, in interior string cutting, the part is held in a chuck, the device crosses the part linearly, taking chips off the work surface with each pass.
  • Grooving Device: A grooving tool is normally a carbide insert mounted in a special device holder, it’s made to be an insert with several ideas, typically ground to the measurements as well as form needed for a specific work, including cutting a slot as well as completing other work.
  • Facing Device: A dealing with the tool is utilized for facing procedure on the turret to reduce flat surface area perpendicular to the item’s rotational axis, the device is installed into a tool holder that rests on the carriage of the lathe, during the process, the facing device will certainly feed perpendicularly throughout the rotational axis of the part.
  • Forming Tool: When utilized in the turret, developing devices are made round or flat in form. Basic developing devices have cutting edges ground to the shape of the groove, undercut, or string to be reduced.

Various Sorts Of Lathe Reducing Tools

Classification by Structure

  • Integral type: the head and also the rod of the cutter is made from the exact same material, which is typically high-speed steel. The strength of the reducing tool is good, which appropriates for small turning devices as well as non-ferrous steel turning tools.
  • Welding kind: it is linked via the welding process, the cutter head and also rod are made from different products, the carbide insert is inlaid on the rod. It is compact in structure as well as convenient in manufacture. It appropriates for all types of turning devices, especially for small tools.
  • Clamp kind: the cutter head and also pole are made of various products, the insert is fixed on the cutter bar with mechanical holding, as well as the blade can be changed when it’s blunt. It is generally made use of the device in the CNC lathe, as well as the cutter bar can be recycled.

Classification by Material

  • High-speed steel device: it is made of broadband steel as well as can be ground constantly, a general cutter for rough machining and also semi-complete machining.
  • Carbide tool: the blade is made from carbide, which is utilized to cut actors iron, non-ferrous steel, plastic, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone, and also common steel. It can likewise be utilized to cut heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high-speed steel, device steel, and other difficult materials.
  • Diamond: ruby blade has the advantages of high firmness and put on resistance, reduced rubbing coefficient, high elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity, reduced thermal growth coefficient, as well as reduced affinity with non-ferrous metals. It can be utilized for precision machining of non-metallic weak as well as difficult materials such as graphite, high wear-resistant products, conforming materials, high silicon aluminum alloy as well as other non-ferrous steel materials.
  • Other materials, such as cubic boron nitride device and also ceramic device, are creating in the direction of rough machining and periodic cutting of high hardness alloy cast iron.


In the CNC turning process, the turret cutting tool is fed to the rotating work surface that is held in a chuck as well as gets rid of excess products from the block. The rigidness of the reducing tool is good, which is ideal for small turning devices and non-ferrous metal turning devices. It is ideal for all kinds of transforming tools, specifically for tiny tools. It is a frequently made use of the device in CNC lathe, and also the cutter bar can be reused. It can also be made use of to cut heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high-speed steel, tool steel as well as other difficult products.

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