Guide to 2024 Aluminum

Guide to 2024 Aluminum

Aluminium alloy is a type of engineering material that is available in many courses, the naming system developed by the Aluminum Association divides aluminium alloys using 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 6xxx, and a lot more series. We have introduced the most typical kind- 6061 aluminium in our previous post, here we’ll detail the review of 2024 aluminium, covering its interpretation, structure, mechanical as well as physical properties as well as its distinction in between 6061.

What is 2024 Aluminum?

2024 aluminium is an aluminium alloy, with copper as the key alloying element, as well as included 0.3%– 1% Mn, 1.2%– 1.8% Mg, 0.1% Cr and also 0.25% Zn. Al 2024 is a kind of high toughness duralumin that is primarily used to make elements, as well as components, stand up to high tons and ideal for applications requiring high stamina to weight ratio as well as excellent tiredness resistance. 2024 alloy normally comes in the extruded kind, also available in sheet and also plate. Aluminium can be machined to numerous elements using mills, lathes and also other CNC equipment, aluminium machining services at DEK are capable of producing specific custom parts in preferred requirements.

There are four standard mood classifications used for aluminium alloys, including -F: as produced; -O: hardened; -H: strain hardened and -T: thermally dealt with. The first figure complying with the “T” suggests the fundamental warm treatment technique and also optional second-to-fifth digits show particular manufacturing high qualities. Based upon the temper, aluminium 2024 can be identified into 2024-O, 2024-T3, 2024-T5, 2024-T351, and also 2024-T4. As well as the mechanical residential properties of these 2024 alloys might vary from each other due to the temper of the material.

Mechanical Features of 2024 Aluminum

Please keep in mind that the adhering to measures are based on the aluminium 2024-T4.

  • Ultimate Tensile Toughness of 2024 Aluminum: 469 MPa.
  • Tensile Yield Strength of 2024 Aluminum: 324 MPa.
  • Shear Toughness of 2024 Aluminum: 283 MPa.
  • Exhaustion Toughness of 2024 Aluminum: 138 MPa.
  • Modulus of Flexibility of 2024 Aluminum: 73.1 Grade point average.
  • Shear Modulus of 2024 Aluminum: 28 Grade point average.

What are the uses or applications of 2024 aluminium alloy? Due to its high toughness and fatigue resistance, 2024 is widely utilized in aircraft elements, rivets, steel components, truck wheels, screw items as well as other architectural applications. 2024 is made use of in the qualification of fluid penetrant tests beyond typical temperature level varieties.

Mechanical Features of 2024 Aluminum

Physical & Chemical Features of 2024 Aluminum

When choosing a material for a certain project, it’s important to recognize the characteristics of each steel or plastic, right here let’s take a look at the aluminium 2024 buildings.

  • Density of aluminum 2024: 2.78 g/cm ³( 0.1 lb/in ³).
  • Electrical conductivity: 30% IACS.
  • Melting point: 500 ° C (932 ° F).
  • Poor corrosion resistance.
  • Can be strengthened using heat therapy.
  • Average machinability.
  • High stamina.
  • Poor weldability.
  • Good workability.

The distinction between 6061 and 2024 Aluminum

When you are hesitating between 2024 as well as 6161 alloys, compare them in lots of means, specifically the facet you are concerned regarding. Have a look at the following contrast between aluminium 2024 well as 6061 and also distinguish which one is a more appropriate option for your application.


Firstly, 6061 has a greater corrosion resistance than 2024 since the high portion of copper in 2024 aluminium considerably minimizes its corrosion resistance and the addition of chromium in 6061 gives this alloy a high resistance to corrosion.

6061 has a greater resistance to places as well as joints than 2024 as well as much better stress corrosion.


2024, as well as 6061, are both functioned aluminium alloys, while 2024 aluminium utilizes copper as the primary element, as well as 6061, uses silicon as well as magnesium as the principal alloying elements.


The 6061 and 2024 are both preferred selections in numerous applications, 2024 is typically chosen in aircraft structures and other aerospace applications, especially the wings and also body, which is regularly under stress. 2024 can also be found in the transport industry. While 6061 is extra obtained basic usages, consisting of heavy-duty frameworks needs good deterioration resistance, truck and marine applications, railroad cars and trucks, automotive industry, bikes, bicycles, watercraft, camera lenses, scuba tanks, guns, electric installation, furnishings as well as pipelines.

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