TOP 4 Select the correct cutting fluid according to the cutting material

TOP 4 Select the correct cutting fluid according to the cutting material

There are lots of sorts of cutting fluids. The commonly used cutting fluids include semi-synthetic cutting fluids, fully artificial cutting fluids and oily cutting fluids. The cooling impact of the aqueous remedy is the most effective, as well as the severe pressure cutting fluid has the most effective lubrication impact. Since there are lots of kinds of cutting fluids as well as the performance difference is great, it refers to learning exactly how to pick the cutting fluid according to the material.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy processing

TF-204 is mainly utilized for lubrication and cooling of non-ferrous metal machining such as aluminium as well as magnesium. It is specifically appropriate for aluminium alloy, aluminium-magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy processing, and also copper ferrous metal machining.

Cast iron processing

TF-2301 is a new sort of cast iron anti-rust cutting fluid with exceptional anti-rust efficiency. It also has exceptional cooling, cleaning and also lubricating. It is mainly used for machining and also anti-rust of actors iron magnetic materials and steel. It doesn’t consist of dangerous as well as harmful compounds such as sodium nitrite.

Steel processing

TF-HGS113 is a basic cost-effective cutting fluid. It does not consist of hazardous and also damaging materials such as salt nitrite. It appropriates for machining lubrication and cooling of many materials such as steel, aluminium and also copper, as well as likewise for titanium. It can additionally be used for machining lubrication as well as cooling for titanium alloys, stainless steel, alloy steel as well as glass-ceramics.

Materials being difficult to procedure

TF-211B can change severe pressure synthetic cutting fluid and also emulsified oil for lubrication as well as cooling of ferrous metal durable processing. It is particularly appropriate for processing products such as stainless steel, alloy steel and heat-resistant steel which are challenging to be processed. It can additionally be made use of for accurate machining lubrication and also cooling down for black non-ferrous metals.

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