Tips For Metal Materials In Machining

Tips For Metal Materials In Machining

In this article, DEK will present a new CNC machining metal material- steel, with machining steel kinds, properties, applications as well as even more.

Steel for CNC Machining

The steel with carbon alloy content up to 2.1% by weight is called carbon steel. With its low rate as well as dependable performance, steel has come to be one of the most secondhand metal materials in building and construction, and production, steel CNC machining provides quantities of top quality precision machined parts for different sectors.

Machining Steel Kind & Properties

Steel provides lots of alternatives to be applied in various problem, what is the most effective steel for machining? Check out the typical steel kinds as well as steel machining properties below.

  • 1008 Steel: modest stamina and also toughness, good matte surface area finish, can be cool created and also brazed.
  • 1018 Steel: reduced carbon steel, inexpensive, fantastic formability and also weldability, inadequate machining attributes, just for case-harden.
  • 1045 Steel: tool carbon alloy, excellent stamina, effect resistance as well as greater tensile strength, excellent ductility and durability, can be warm dealt with, suitable for welding or creating, yet not suits case solidifying.
  • 12L14 Steel: UNS G12144, typical desulfurized and also phosphorized quality reduced carbon steel, remarkable machinability qualities, low rubbing component, 2L14 steel machined components have close tolerances, not perfect for welding.
  • 1137 Steel: high carbon alloy, high toughness, excellent machinability, and also tension resistance, can be made use of for straight solidifying, can be welded, annealed, quenched, solidified, and warmth treated.
  • 11L37 Steel: great stamina, machinability, and also stress and anxiety resistance, not excellent for welding, can be annealed, quenched, toughened up, and also warmth treated.
  • 11L41 Steel: medium carbon alloy, free machining material, excellent stamina and firmness, deep and consistent surface area firmness, can be warmth dealt with and also forged, not suitable for welding.
  • 1215 Steel: free machining alloy, 1215 steel machined parts have a brilliant coating, can be small bent, threaded, and also heat-treated, except for extreme exhaustion anxiety.
  • 4130 Steel: excellent strength, toughness, as well as tiredness resistance, superb weldability, very easy for developing and construction, can be forged, hot and cool worked, hardened, and tempered.
  • 41L40 Steel: free machining alloy, great wear stamina, resistance and also toughness, excellent ductility, anxiety resistance as well as creep resistance at heats, can be layered, created, annealed and also warmth treated.
  • A36 Steel: low carbon steel, exceptional corrosion resistance, great influence strength at space temperature, easy to be machined, welded, and also developed.

Steel Machined Parts Applications

Steel Machined Parts Applications

As the most frequently used steel in the world, steel machined parts, as well as made items, entail different industries and fields.


  • Steel is suitable for building with a large period as well as super hefty weight, super high-rise building.
  • Large workshop, bridge, venue, commercial facilities, school, healthcare facility, workplaces, and so on.
  • Concrete ferrules.

Appliances & Electronics

  • Steel is very easy to get at an affordable price, you can locate it in great deals on home appliances like fridges, cleaning machines, microwaves, ovens, sinks, and also cutlery.
  • Difficult chrome layered bar in electronic equipment.

Transport & Vehicles

  • Steel generally accounts for greater than 50% of the weight of an ordinary auto, consisting of the car body, doors, wheel axles, engine, guiding, gearbox, suspension, automobile clutch employer and inside.
  • Apart from cars, trucks, trains, rails, ships, support chains, aeroplane, jet engines as well as even more lorries likewise can not lack steel.


  • Steel is generally required in the energy framework of nuclear, electrical, wind power, and so on.
  • Source extraction, like overseas systems, quarrying as well as earth-moving tools.


  • Made use of for packaging to shield products from water, light direct exposure and other damage.

Other Fields & Components

Store fittings, storage space racks, tow spheres, rivets, equipment, shafts, studs, bolts, and also pins.The steel with a carbon content of as much as 2.1% by weight is called carbon steel.

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